This is Why there is no 100% Perfect Strategy on the market?

Mostly Forex Traders always Sheek The strategy that works on the market completely.

But,There is no perfect strategy on the market.

IF you sheek this always. It’s just waste of your time. Market is based on psychology of traders,

No one can expect future market price, Even economist.



Making profit is just taking “Buy ” or “Sell” position. Forex is very simple style.

But 95% traders are loser You know that?

Only 10% traders are winner on this market.

Because.they are professional of Forex and using EA or AI program

And Some of them are can control market price…They are called “Market makers”

What is Market makers”

Hedge funds are called “Market makers” ,Because they always manage huge capital

Their trading always effect every movement on the market, and They have strong power of making market price.

and They always rob money from us byStoploss hunting

And hedge funds are rich in funds, the infulence on the market is very large

What is the strategy of Hedge funds


There is many AI programs on the market, It is laways effects.

Some of Hedge fund using EA or AI program since few years ago, they use many kind of programs.

also they are expert of controlling of AI.

These programs also effect market, and controlling market price.


Hedge funds always eat money from Personal traders

This is why there is no 100% Perfect Strategy on the market.

We must pay attention to the market psychology and Hedge funds avoiding loss,