Strategy about Scalping with one minite chart on Forex

Scalping is one of the popular strategy of Forex.

If you get big trend, even 1minite time frame chart, you have possibility of taking big profite.

but. Scalping is high risk tradeing methold.


The most important things about Scalping is ….

Entry timing
Tareget Price
Stop Loss


These 3pointo are most important when you trading Scalping

To get take profite,,,,,so you should better keep that in your mind.

and you will have good oppotiunity of taking profite.

How to taking profite about 3minite Scalping with 1minite time frame

Get true staregy about Forex


This is 1minite time frame chart of EURJPY  and this time, USAJPY was going up.

Crossing Yen is a pairs of currencies suitable for scalping.

Because. Crossing Yen is likly to be high Volatiliy….Therefore it is suitable for scalping.

( exsept USAJPY)

How to taking profite by 3minite Scalping with 1minite time frame

It is not so difficult…Just focus on price actin

Draw Surport and resistance line


There is many Surport line and Resistance line on the market…..

espesialy 1minite time fram chart,  there is 3or 4 lines on the chart.

Traders, should pay attention to that always……

because Trand will be rebound or riverse, when candle sticks reach there.

(Not every time…but if you don’t know should better to know it)


Find Reversal point


Reversal (Rebound) price is good entry pointo for Scalping, it is not only Scalping

but also Daliy forex tyrading…


because….Mostry Professional trader’s strategy is based on Reversal pattern.

That is why Reversal strategy is works well on the market. even short time fram like 1minite chart.


Focuce on the price action on the mrket


Please carefully look at the chart above…..

You can recognize the signal of reversal , before the candle sticks riverse

like this▼


This is Bulish Patttern of Candle stick price action.. it is called Dragonfly Doji   known as very famouse reversal pattern

Tat EURJPY chart also same pattern.

Learn more candle Sticks Price action


Candole Sticks Price fluctuates according to the market psychology of the market.

Traders should bettre to know daily market psychology always when you open chart

and finding entory point.