Scalping Detector~Forex Signals

Scalping Detector~Forex Signals

What is scalping Detector?


Scalping Detector is signal for Scalping…

Even you have no experience with Forex, you can know good entry point on your chart.

and  This is Reversal type of signal


What is reversal entry

Reversal type of entry is very popular method on the market.

Because….Trend has always “Noise”   We can take profit from it…

This is “Scalping”…..and reversal strategy is taking positions from top or bottom price

it is likely to get taking big profit

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Which kind of trend does is works?


Reversal type of signals are works for Range

70% of market is ” range”…you will take many chance to take profit

Smart & Accurate Signals. Great Profit on M1.


Star Mark shows The latest highest value or Latest cheapest

It’s will change to resistance or Support like….So you can easy to recognize target lines

This target lines means stop Loss or  target of taking profit price >>> read more ditail