Is Cup with handle signal about going up trend?

What is Cup with handle?


Cup with handle, strong rising sign

It is often appeared on the bottom of l low price on the market.  This shape means “Going to up trend from down trend”

Cup with handle is one of reversal signal on the market. and very famous shape.

When you see ” Cup with handle” you must pay attention to revers of down trend.


This is also “Cup with handle”” pattern of Candle Sticks▼


Look at carefully this chart, you can see “W bottom” at the bottom of this chart.

and Candle Sticks near to break out above trends lines, but this cheat not completed Cup with handle. is near to create it.


Cup With Handle (Cup With Handle)

From the downward trend, the pattern that will subsequently change to a large upward trend


It is Just like the state that resembles the shape of the handle of a mug,
It probably was named ‘Handle’.

How to recognize Cup with handle from down trend


How to recognize Cup with handle from down trend

Candle Sticks are likely to reverse from the bottom price. because there is many orders are there.

That is why trend will be reverse when the candle sticks reach there.


In my Experiance, Cup with handle is likely to be shaped after ” W bottom”

Because, “W Bottom ” also Signal of going up trend

Cup with handle may also have a lot of damasks?


At first sight, it is a pattern that can be expected to rise considerably strong momentum,

If you do not pay close attention to resistance etc., there are many damasks.


If you are going to buy it,

It is prudent to wait to get out of the most recent “mountain”


In order to avoid useless position even a little,

It is also a point to see through the damage like the above.>>>> learn more