How to Take Profite with News Trading

The market has economic news almost everyday.

Generally, it is said that it is desirable to refrain from trading, as it is difficult to grasp the movements of the market before and after the economic presentation and unexpected price movements at the time of economic presentation.

But, at the time of economic news, in some cases, the market moves often in one direction,
It is also considered to be a great opportunity to earn profits.

This chart is shape of after some big news of Bank of japan and FOMC


The price will fluctuate according to the psychology of the trader

All traders should know it, can’t find good entry point and no profit.

To undestanding Market psychology is most important to take profite

How to understand market psychology?


So how do you grasp the psychology of the market?

The answer us very simple…..“Price action” is best strategy of knowing market psychology.

It’s also calledCandle Sticks Price actions” , also Candle Sticks Pattern

You can learn this Bible

The Candlestick Trading Bible~get TP from Candlestick Pattern


There are many kinds of candlestick shapes, but no need to remember all shapes by all means.
Candle Sticks Patterns are over 300 patterns.

It is okay just to grasp only the candlestick pattern which frequently appears in the market price

Just learning a specific candlestick pattern will make your investment life more fulfilling.

It is also works for News tradings

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