A HEDGE FUND Manager – Market Analyst

Hedge Fund
Is An Investment Fund That Pools From Accredited Individuals And Institutional Investors And Invest In Variety Of Assets


As Ideally You Spend Couple Of Years As Analyst, And After That About 2 or 3 Years As Senior Analyst And Then Move To Be As A Portfolio Manager
You Need To Have A Master Degree Or CAIA, CFA Certificate

HEDGE FUND Makes Money 
By Charging A Management Fee And A Performance Fee.These Fees Are Generally Paid Monthly Or Quarterly And Help Pay Overhead And Daily Expenses Of Running The Hedge Fund. Performance Fees; This Fee Is Calculated As A Percentage Of The Funds Profits.

Starting Salary 
Starting At A small Hedge Fund Can Secure Hedge Fund Salaries of Around $70,000 Plus Bonuses Based On Their Performance And That A Top Hedge Fund Manager can Make Over $1 Billion In Compensation

Analysts In The Hedge Fund
Analysts In Hedge Fund Sector Had Average Annual Salaries Of Around $155,000 Per Year While Third Plus Year Analysts In The Private Equity Sector Made An Average Of $146,000.

Work At Hedge Funds
The ‘Reasonable’ Working Week Is Around 70hr Around 80% Of People Working In Hedge Funds Work Between 50 And 70hr A Week