Flash Zoon is Profitable Zone?


Do you know Flash Zone?

This is not common words on Forex. but it is showed some Forex e-book in Japan


His name is Por Zimon….He used to belongs to SMB capital

He is the on of the great professional Forex trader.

He brought his strategy that is very popular among SMB capital training for new traders.

and he showed his strategy on his books

“Flash Zone FX”

Flash Zone FXが再リリースされました!※豪華特典付き!


This e-books is only for Japanese people, because it is not written in English.

But i will show the strategy, and How does it works on the market.


This is Flash Zone on the chart EUR USD H1


This strategy is only taking buy positions. because taiking position only at Down trend

Mostly Forex traders hesitate to taking position on the strong down trend

but, there is many reversal order at the bottom of the chart,

and Professional traders know it well..they always looking foe reversal signal on the market.

Therefore “Flash Zone FX” called as Legendary logic


This logic has not so many entry chance, but it is relaiable strategy

and Cup with handle also same type of strategy


Cup with handle is reversal from downtrend to going up trend.

It’s also very famous and same pattern strategy of ” Flash Zone”

What is Flash Zone


Flash Zone is Zone of reversal area on the Forex chart.

When the candle sticks reach “Flash Zone”,  it will be likely to revers to going up trend temporary or more.

So this Zone is Profitable Zone with buy position.


Mostly professional traders knows this zone, and taking buy position.

this strategy is good works at down trend and available to using long time as long as Forex market is exist

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