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Knowing Candlesticks pattern is very important to taking profit.

because,,,Candle sticks pattern is shape of market psychology directly.

Traders Can’t taking profit without knowing Candlesticks Pattern.

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From When Candlestick patterns are using?


Japanese Call the candle sticks pattern “Sakata Gohou”

Sakata Five Law (Sakata Gogo) is one of the technical analyzes based on the candlestick arrangement based on the arrangement of candlesticks invented by

Mr. Honma Honma who was from the Dewa government (around Sakata City in present Yamagata Prefecture) in the Edo period.
and this pattern is W bottom, there is also pattern of “Sakata Gohou”


Candlestick Trading is strategy of price action.

if you know main pattern of candle sticks,you will easily to find good entry point


That Pattern means up trend. because this trend still keeping High price update

and.this trend is avove resistance….

There fore Candle sticks Pattern is very useful on the market.

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How dose is works on the Market?

Candlestick Pattern is over 300 kind of patterns. Mostly are Signal of Reverse.

and, Mostly Professional traders always pay attention to these Candle Stick Patterns.

This Pattern is Bulish candle sticks Pattern

【Dragon Fly】


Dragon Fly is known as bulish pattern on the market. The main candle stick has long Tails

This kind of candole stick is signal of reverse.

IF you take buy position, you can set stop loss to lowest price (2)

and target price is first resistance line is profitable price of price.


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